Thursday, 7 July 2011

Out to Laure Treboux!

First heat against Laure Treboux: Well I am out! It didn't go too well either, I was at least hoping for a reasonable heat to go out in! All morning the wind was ok, a little light on the inside but nicely powered on the outside, 4.2 weather. So I de-powered my 4.2 and it should have been perfect, with about waist to maybe head high waves, but choppy and messy. Finally after being postponed for a long time the girls were up, our heat of four first: Laure v me and Silvia v Karin Jaggi. The wind dropped in our heat, and I really wasn't very powered. I struggled to find a wave, managed a straight jump, then took what was a nice head high wave from the outside. I did a nice backside hit but on coming down I landed on the whitewater and pretty much nose dived and wiped out. This would have been fine if there was wind to get out again, but I was on the rocks with no power and wasted loads of time trying to get out again! Finally I made it out but I was downwind where the wind strength was less and there was only a few minutes left. 2 jumps and 2 waves to count, 15 minute heat (which is long!) but I still managed to muck it up and I didn't even do a forward as I just wasn't too powered. Karin went in to change up a sail and I guess the others were powered as they stayed upwind. Lesson learnt-don't go for the big waves downwind at the beginning of the heat!! I have the double next, but I think I have Karin Jaggi, who came 3rd last year, so I am not having too much luck! I just hope I can redeem myself in my next heat and sail how I have been sailing recently! Anyhow, here are some photo stills from my heat and one from the PWA site I am guessing taken by John Carter?

The four girls:

The backside fall that made me spend most of the heat downwind!


  1. Sarah - well it looked pretty good to me - I think you should be proud that you have the guts to go up against the best in the world!!
    Good luck in the next heat - I still think you are the best - Dad

  2. Margaret Bibby9 July 2011 at 05:59

    Well it was all down to bad luck and a bad decision not down to your skill at all!! Dads right you are still the best and we are very proud of you and the guts you have to do the competition! WELL DONE -xMum