Thursday, 24 December 2009

SWA Cardiff Wave Event November 09

The Cardiff Wave event was held at Newton, Porthcawl. Wind and swell for Saturday was disappointing so students did what students are best at-'mincing!' Saturday night's party was held at Jims from Puravida's bar- 'Submission', in Cardiff, after a good house party with bucketfuls of punch. Sunday mornings weather was much more promising and after sending poor Scotty away in an ambulance after dislocating his knee, the conditions went from mediocre to actually pretty fun sailing, and not too cold! Jim held the Winter Wave Series that day too, making there about 50 sailors on the water! I was pleased to come first lady, and Maeli Cherel-my Southampton windsurfing friend, second. Images courtesy of Simon Hobbs.

New Quatro Rhythm 68 arrives!

So I was pretty pleased to get my new board the day before another super windy day, in time for an evening session at West Wittering. How fast does that board go?! I loved it! Was so overpowered on 3.7 again it was scary but got some massive jumps and backloop attempts!

SWA Exeter Wave Event

The Exeter wave event had a massive forecast, and it did not disappoint. We all arrived Friday evening, had a couple of drinks, but went to bed early in anticipation of the next day. Up at 6am (the earliest a student event has ever been), and straight to Lyme Regis. Only about 10 of the 20-30 students went out as it was gusting 40-50 knots and over mast high sets were coming in, with no 'out back' to get to. I had a go on my smallest sail- 3.7! I definitely needed a 3 metre! We packed up at lunch to go to the competition beach (as the jet ski couldn't launch at Lyme). This time Exmouth. Still nuking, the wind didn't drop till late so we all went out anyway, and got some good jumping on the sand bar, until I managed to dislocate a finger-ouch! Anyway I still claimed a first as I was the only lady to go out! Despite being the windiest day of the year yet, I didn't manage to get any photos!

UK Wave Event in Tiree, Scotland

After having gone to Tiree last year for the UK event I definitely had to go again. Tiree is the outer most island of the inner hebrides, a massive 12 hour drive and 4 hour ferry from Southampton. Because of its location, it rarely fails to get good wind and swell, and there are loads of sandy beaches to choose from. This years wind wasn't quite as good as the previous year for the competition week, but luckily going a few days early proved worthwhile and there was really clean surf to be had too. The competition day had good waves and cross off shore starboard tack-perfect! For the ladies heat it beacame tricky as the wind dropped to nearly nothing and swung more offshore. I came fifth this year-a result I definitely want to improve on for next year! Images are from the competition day, the first courtesy of John Carter.

SWA Aussie Kiss 09

So this is a little backdated as I am just starting the blog...

Aussie Kiss - massive student event in October, the first one of the year. Held in Bude holiday park and windsurfing on Roadford Lake. The wind was super gusty, one minute stacked on 4.7 and the next nothing, but still really fun and a massive party with all 50 Southampton students dressed as super teds! I came 2nd female in the freestyle. Image courtesy of Jamie Willets