Friday, 27 December 2013

Chile Video!

Here it is, my Chile little edit. I hope you like it!

Sarah Bibby K349 Windsurfing and Surfing in Chile a Windsurfing video by sarahk349

I am pretty happy it was also shared on Continent Seven and with a little article on Boards -Thanks!

Tomorrow I am off skiing to Les Gets in France for a week with my family, continuing to Live the Dream! :)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

K4 Harness Mount Video!

As promised, here is the K4 harness Mount video! One session at Chorillos in Chile.

K4 Harness Mount Windsurfing Video in Chile a Windsurfing video by sarahk349

So we are back! What a trip! We had some really varied conditions, from 3.4m weather mast high to 4.7m waist to shoulder high waves, cross-on to cross off and some good surfing too. The last few days were just surfing, so I got a little time to practise my fast take-offs in barrelling waves (not my strongest point surfing!) and I got a little better. I certainly won't be scared in the majority of English waves now! Here are a few shots from the Go Pro, and some lifestyle ones we took at the end.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Last wind of the trip and some great sessions...

We have had the last few days of wind here now before we fly home Monday, what a trip! I'll let the photos do the talking.

Starting with...fuel for the windsurfing! Ha ha!

Pupuya and Chorillos: Cross on, head to overhead sets and windy! I have been practising my riding and backloops.

Roca Cuadrada: This session was really light, especially on the wave! It was unexpected and fun though which is always the best way to have a session!

Topocalma, the day everyone was looking forward to for the previous week. A good 19s period 2.9 metre swell coming. It turned out to be a little bit of a let down for Topocalma, it wasn't classic barrelling lefts and sunshine to the horizon. Sea fog had crept in making it look more like a big Gwithian UK grey day! Still the waves were a good size (they grew bigger through the day), and were trickier to read than peeling lefts. It was really hard work, gusty and the wind ranged from 3-35knots, just where you needed to take the wave! The last three pictures are unknown, Victor and Klass.

After Topocalma, we scored a great session at Roca Cuadrada with the building swell. I was a little underpowered on 4.2 and the wind was really light on the wave making riding tricky, but the waves were perfect barrelling lefts. We sailed until sunset and had such a good time we didn't stop to take photos, neither of us wanted to stop sailing! I did take this shot at the end though, stoked for the windsurfing, Chile, and this amazing trip!

Here are a couple of shots of Matanzas, it has some beautiful sunsets! I only managed to capture the pink sky though... The next 3 days have some good swell so we should have a nice surfy end to the trip! There is also a Chile video coming soon, a K4 harness mount video and a good crash video from Stef, all of which will have to be uploaded when we are home as the internet is too slow here!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

K4 Harness Mount, Onshore Riding and 'Below the Surface'

Quite a few photos for this blog update! Firstly, Chorillos with the K4 harness mount. I used the extended pole version that you can buy HERE I was actually really pleasantly surprised. I hadn't used it yet on the trip as I was waiting for the right conditions, a not too big or windy day as I thought it would be difficult to sail with or I might break it. In fact the day I took it out was about shoulder to head cross-onshore 3.4 weather! A good test! It wasn't hard to sail with, just bounced a little on my back and I had to be aware of it water starting, but it withstood some good wipe-outs! I have made a video of the session but I can't upload it here as the internet is too slow so I'll put it up when I am back in a couple of weeks. Here are some shots from the session:

We also had a good day the next day at Chorillos, it was bigger than I expected with some good logo to mast sets rolling in, which made it all the more scary going for a bottom turn with low tide death dumps! (See the pic...) A really fun session though with only me, Stef, Klass, Lief and Leon. Leon was going for some HUGE stalled forwards and pushies!

Onshore aerial

Low tide death dumps!!


Leon: Big stalled forward:

We also had the premier of 'Below the Surface' movie by the late Andre Pascowski at Surazo bar. An evening of drinks, amazing food, excited windsurfers and a great movie. I feel proud to be a windsurfer!

Lastly, a nice shot of Matanzas from Surazo. The next few days are looking lighter wind again so perhaps more surfing!

For a few more Chile shots, check Stef's blog HERE