Friday, 9 August 2013

I am too excited, I can't wait any longer!

BIG NEWS! ...for those of you I haven't told excitedly yet, I am taking a 14 month sabbatical! From November the 1st, I will be finishing work temporarily at my engineering firm Babcock International and taking a 14 month sabbatical with the aim of competing on the PWA World Wave Tour, British BWA Tour and any other events I come across, perhaps some surfing ones too. My first stop is Chile for 6 weeks, I'll be there for the PWA and really hope they confirm a girls event, I would love to compete there! I have been watching the live ticker in Tenerife and have been so jealous of the girls out there, I can't wait to join in! My next stop is hopefully West Australia, I have wanted to go there for years, then Maui. I will have probably run out of funds by then so a few months working and doing the BWA with a long stop in Ireland should set me up for the Canaries over Summer and a Europe road trip in September. As you can tell, I have planned a lot as I have been waiting for so long!

So back to the PWA Tenerife event, I wanted to share this clip of Philip Koster, as I think the stalled forward performed well is one of my favorite windsurf moves, and who better to perform it than the World number 1!:

Off to pack the van for surfing tomorrow, hopefully it will be good!