Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sore hands and full power 3.4!

Back to normal Pozo again, windy all the time! I wake up so stiff and tired everyday but somehow make myself go out for a session or two! Todays was really good-it felt like everything I have been practising came together in one session. Finally landed a forward again, getting my frontside riding a lot better after struggling to get all the way round and I got some nice backside airs! (Still working on the shuv it technique though). All in all, a good day sailing and I have footage to proove it thanks to Stef! Looking forward to tomorrow! Here are some stills from the video:

Backside air:

Bit of frontside:

A forward:

More frontside:

P.S It is ALOT busier than it seems from these pics, I just happen to be close to the bunker!!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pozo Day 1

Me and Stef arrived in Pozo after another lucky kit blag on to the Thomas Cook plane. £40 for 120kg (4 bags) worth of kit. Sweet! We also managed (with some dodgy spanish) to squeeze those four bags and us into basically a people carrier, with me squashed between the window and the bags. The taxi ride to Pozo was interesting, with the taxi driver talking spanish politics and wind turbines and telling us his grandfathers advice about the economic situation here. Needless to say, I didn't understand all of it.

Anyway, we are staying at La Ola-the little surf bar in town. We have the apartment to ourselves for now but two italians will be joining us soon. There has been a fog over Gran Canaria for I don't know how long, but it has made it extremely hot and killed the wind somewhat. So yesterday I managed one sail (with sorting out kit and food shopping etc). Nice waves for Pozo, but only 4.7 weather and sometimes a little light. I was just getting my sailing comfortable again here, so nothing special that session. Today the wind was light again, and I expected it to build, so we waited. About 4 it completely turned off so we got ready for a swim, then as soon as we came out it was back again. It was really on and off though with only about 5 people on the water at any one time, most floating around, so I ended up giving it a miss today. Tomorrow I will be on it whatever the conditions!!

Here are a couple of photos from Day 1. First a couple of backside photos, I am working on getting the sail lower and getting more vertical:

Our friend Mikey Clancy is here from Ireland. We shared a wave (unintentionally), him going frontside and me backside, not ideal! I ended up having to follow the wave in with his kit following me after he crashed, and ended up coming in too far down wind and having to walk up.

Looks like the wind will be back properly on Wednesday-bring on 3.4 sailing!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Witterings, and POZO!!

About 5 weeks after Ireland has finished, I have windsurfed a total of 1 time. That's not due to the lack of wind-I have probably missed one of the windiest periods for a long time! But working in London everyday, various weddings, parties and birthdays have meant I have only got on the water once, yesterday, to East Wittering. It was a fun session, me and SJ, and quite a few other windsurfers and kiters. Cross-onshore starboard tack with waist to (occasionally) head mush really, 4.2 weather. Slightly different to the conditions I have been having abroad (I think I am getting spoilt!). I was a bit disappointed about the lack of riding-still managed some but the waves don't form in lines, more like chunks that form and reform-but that's witterings. The jumping was quite good though.

Anyway, it was great to get on the water again before my next trip, I've now saved all I need to go to Pozo for 2 weeks then Fuerte for 4! Really looking forward to it! Pozo will be really busy as there are 3 comps while we are there-Redbull rockets, Spanish competition and the PWA. I am not sure we timed it the best to sail there but it will be great to watch! In Fuerte we have a little apartment in Cotillo, so I am hoping for some good evening surfing as well. 2 more days of work then we head off Thursday!! :)