Thursday, 21 July 2011


So we have been in Fuerte for over a week now and have had a mixed set of conditions. We are staying in Cotillo which is really great as we can check outside our front door to see the wind and the swell. The first few days we sailed Punta Blanca, we had waves from waist high to logo high, but always 4.7 weather for me, and sometimes underpowered, so the sessions have mainly been riding rather than jumping. We have also sailed Cotillo once, one hit wave/shorebreak but pretty fun, and a tiny reef break on the East of the island twice. This break is cross-off port tack riding, float and ride, really fun and great practise for my riding. Yesterday was a really fun day there, we need more swell like that or bigger! We also went to Sotavento and sailed centre 2, but I was on my 3.4 and 84l tempo, which was too big for the chop there and hard to do freestyle on, so I didn’t really enjoy my session. Today the wind was really light and Glass beach was really busy so we surfed Esquinzo-a fun beach break that was over head. The next week looks light with the swell dropping off, so more surfing and then maybe Sotavento again-but hopefully it will change!
The pictures below are from the reef break: me bottom turning around Stef sharing the wave; Punta Blanca; and the other is from John Carter: the girls on the PWA Pozo tour at the closing ceremony party.

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