Monday, 28 March 2011

My 24th!

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. The wind has dropped off a little and the waves are smaller too but there is a good swell forecast so we are waiting for that! Even still, I have windsurfed every day but one. Not bad!
I had my 24th birthday yesterday, and couldn't have asked for a better day (other than some waves!). We started in Paia for some shopping and coffee, then windsurfed Sprecks. A fun but light session, but really good to be in the warm water! After that and a few cupcakes later we headed to the south side of the island, where we drove through a lava field behind the volcano and tried snorkelling with our really cheap goggles we bought! Found out there were a few more urchins than we thought! I'll put some volcano photos up when we do it properly and go all the way up. We then headed to Little beach where every Sunday, loads of people gather for a party. Lots of hippies, quite a few naked people and lots of fire! We swam in the sea at sunset, listening to the whales under water while everyone cheered when they jumped up-amazing!! There was drumming and fire poi all evening, some naked fire dancing, and one topless lady with a hula hoop on fire doing the hula!! It was a great atmosphere, definitely going again!

Firstly, from shopping the other day-the BIGGEST onions I have ever seen!!

Scenery on our drive to the beach:

Rainbow at Hookipa:

Our local beach behind our place, Kuau. This is the narrow launch spot:

More of Kuau:

Top of Big Beach for the beach party:

The gathering at Little Beach:

Awesome fire poi:

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Finally, we are here!! I have been looking forward to this trip for such a long time and finally we are here in paradise! It is really warm and great to sail in just shorts and rashie after the cold neoprene covered UK. Our first three days have been 4.2 weather then 3.4 stacked! We are taking it easy first at Kanaha beach but I think tomorrow we are going to sail Kuau down from Hookipa. Weather is looking good all week I am so glad to be here! We have an awesome apartment by Mamas Fish House and a big SUV as we were upgraded on our rental car-sweet!! Here are a few photos from the past day or two:

First, my first pushloop attempt. Not too bad, I was pretty stoked, but did land on my face on the sail! Here is a video of the Go Pro footage!

Nice top turn:

Watching the pros at Hookipa:

More waves:

A forward:

Kanaha beach paradise: