Sunday, 10 July 2011

13th in the World!

The event is now over with an amazing show in the finals and semis by Philip Koster (1st), Victor Fernandez (2nd) and Dario Ojeda (3rd) in the guys and Daida Moreno (1st), Iballo Moreno (2nd) and Karin Jaggi (3rd) in the girls. The wind is still blowing 40-50 knots with the waves picking up to logo to mast on some sets so well done to them!

I had my double heat yesterday against Karin Jaggi at probably the windiest part of the day, about 50 knots! It was the hardest heat I have ever sailed and I felt so overpowered and out of control on my 3.4 Icon and 68l Quatro Rhythm! I just didn't have the kit for the heat and felt like I was being blown all over the place in the air! Anyway some girls had the same kit and we all managed to sail though very overpowered! My heat got off to a good start with a flat water forward straight away (I didn't actually realise how low a forward I did until I saw the photos!) I was afraid of doing them in that wind so I went of the tiniest ramp and still made it round! Followed by a table top (more like donkey kick) and a big jump. I struggled with my waves a little as whenever I went frontside I was so powered I couldn't hold on on the top turn and I struggled to turn my board tight. I did do some big airs though and some reasonable table top attempts, and also got a backside air. I did get really tired arms really quickly though due to the wind so I didn't have the strength to muscle the kit and I should have tried another bigger forward. I came away happy though, I did the best I could have done given the conditions and my kit and didn't mind losing to Karin who had better waves and bigger forwards, afterall she came 3rd overall!

Things I have learnt from doing the comp: Well definitely how to play safe in the heats, stay upwind first, take the smaller waves to get the points then go for the bigger ones downwind (first mistake made in my first heat). Also do lots and lots of jumps to make sure you get the best scoring ones. Get a custom! I will sort one out when I am back in the UK as it is definitely holding me back. I also need to work on my port tack jumping as I haven't really done much at all.

Landing the forward on my first run:

Donkey kick:

Backside hit:

Super windy!!

Backside air:

Overpowered frontside:

The double elimination draw:

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