Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pozo as its meant to be...

One last picture... our last couple of days when Pozo had reasonable waves. Amazing place to sail when its like this, such a playground, and so different to the busy choppiness it can be when there are no waves...

Monday, 11 June 2012

Last day in Pozo, Home time!

So we had some really good wind, and finally some waves! I had a really good sail here the past couple of days and I am so sad not to be staying longer as I think I would improve so much here! My backloops are getting much better and I had some really fun waveriding yesterday. I was fully overpowered on 3.4 though and pulled my shoulder again so today I am resting before flying home tonight-it looks windy in the UK for the weekend so my shoulder needs to get stronger again!

Today the guys are on 3.4, it is so windy but some really nice waves are coming in, it looks like a playground, though I need a 3m sail! Some guys are going to Ojos Garza, a side shore spot, if I had longer here I would join them, oh well!

Anyway here are some pictures. Hopefully the UK will be good for our first weekend back!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Pozo sessions, injuries and close calls

So 10 days in Pozo! It is great for 4.5 days leave, as now I have to be so careful with my leave as I only have 5 weeks a year, which is nothing to be able to train hard! Pozo looked liked the most windy destination for this time of year. We have had some good days on the water, the first was a little choppy but the others were 3.4 weather and better waves. I had a session at Vargas practising my forwards, then here at Pozo learning to backloop. No luck yet but I know what I need to do to do better.

Yesterday and this morning have been strange here with no wind and even some rain this morning! So we had a really fun day at a mini water park instead, and today a little wind but I am resting as I ended up yanking my shoulder a little on one of the slides so it feels a little loose, which sucks.

My Polish friend Justyna has had a really bad time here, on her second day she crashed a big forward and has broken 3 bones in her foot and a bone in her ankle. I hope she gets the operation she needs and gets back on the water soon.

Eva also had a close call with another sailor in Pozo. Sometimes there are really difficult conditions here to see and it can be pretty busy, it just shows how everyone needs to be so aware of everyone around them. This was a really good sailor so Eva was lucky he didn't panic and throw his gear away or try and jump over her.

More Windsurfing Videos

Normal windy Pozo:

Being a normal tourist ;)

Weird clouds in Pozo:

No wind!