Sunday, 30 March 2014

I'm ENGAGED!! .....and some shots from Ho'okipa!

Wow, I have had an incredible week and a half out here already, the highlight being getting engaged on my 27th Birthday on top of the 10,000ft Haleakala volcano! Stef succeeded in suprising me very well as he tried to persuade our friends to go up for my Birthday on the rainiest, cloudiest day. I didn't get the hints of Jade buying Champagne, his insistancy on going up, or my idea to ask people coming down whether we could actually see anything at the top...and his refusing to! When we got to the top it was pretty cloudy and there wasn't much light left, but he got down on one knee and asked the question...and I said YES!! There was an amazing sunset, people clapping and hooting their horns, Champagne (which we actually lost half of when it popped due to the pressure!) and drinks and a lovely meal at Flatbread afterwards. Here are some pictures:

Birthday Cake!

Jade looking smug on the way up...she knows what is coming!

So, Stef and I are pretty stoked!! We have been windsurfing and surfing too! Here are some shots from Ho'okipa from Jimmie Hepp and Tom Malin-thank you!
Some geckos outside our house...

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Australia Video!

Here is a little edit from Australia, the spots sailed are Coronation beach, Sunsets and Margaret River. It is fairly gopro footage heavy as Coronation reef is quite far out to film! I hope you enjoy it, especially anyone learning backloops- remember back hand back! (Unlike I am doing! ha ha) I'll get one soon hopefully!

Sarah Bibby K349 in Australia 2014 a Windsurfing video by sarahk349

My video was also shared on Boards with a short article, HERE

Continent Seven, HERE

and Boardseeker, in a 'Beenen versus Bibby' playoff! HERE!

I had a nice couple of surfs in Newquay and Harlyn last weekend whilst visiting some friends and my new little nephew, surfing was a little different wearing full neoprene! I also had the chance to try the C-Skins Nx Gen gloves (like thick rubber gloves), and they were super warm! 3 weeks of work is almost over, and I'll be heading to Maui on the 18th! I'll keep you posted!