Saturday, 2 July 2011

Entered PWA Pozo!

After loads of time thinking 'Do I enter? Don't I?' Finally I have paid for the event, too late now I am doing it! I think it would be really good for me to enter and a great experience. As it wasn't really planned I have had to extend my stay in Pozo by 2 days and I will be missing the Tenerife event as we are off to Fuerte. No bad thing though, I have never sailed Tenerife. Here I will focus on sailing my best, I think I will be soooo nervous! If I don't come last I will be really happy for my first event.

As for training here it has been a little hard. Yesterday I was so tired I only managed to get on the water at 4 and it was so rammed I got a little angry as I couldn't practise anything I wanted to, especially going frontside! I also forgot that the next three days before the comp it is the spanish competition, so I don't think we can sail much now-or when we can everyone will go on the water... So not as much preparation as I wanted. However if I can pull together all the good moves I can do in one heat I should be ok (though this is unlikely under pressure!) We will see, I'll keep you updated!

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