Monday, 19 December 2011

In the water again at Whitsands!

I was so keen to get in the water again this weekend! 5 weeks out of the water and I couldn't wait for a session no matter the weather! Though it felt cold with NW winds I was pretty surprised how warm it was (with suit, boots and hood!). Whitsands has real potential for an amzing down the line place, but it needs a good wind due to the rip and some south swell. It is a mission walking down and up the cliff though, I still have a badly pulled shoulder from the walk carrying my rig up the cliff! Its like Highcliff on steroids! Anyway the session wasn't great due to the complete lack of wind (it was coming and going), and the rip taking away any wind there was! But it was nice to be out with the sun setting. Here are some go pro shots from the headcam:

Finally, a bit late coming, but a pic of the new Simmer Icons, they are awesome and light!

Next week I am off skiing to Andorra, I can't wait! Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Bigbury photos

More photos of other people! It seems this past month the wind and the waves have not stopped coming while I sacrificed, though everyone knows someone has to for a good forecast! So I took photos at Whitsands one weekend, then the following weekend I ran up and down the cliffs at Bigbury while everyone surfed, and this weekend took pictures of a pretty fun looking cross on session at Bigbury! Jealous! I also went to the student windsurf event party in Exeter, which was epic! So here are some photos of Stef and Will Rodgers at Bigbury on Saturday. There was about 20 guys and girls out, nice to see! Looking forward to getting back on the water soon!

Also, here is the official Franklin and Marshall and Puravida BWA Wave competition video in Cornwall from!