Tuesday, 29 June 2010

FLOW - For Ladies of Windsurfing!!

Amy Carter has set up a new website for girls interested in windsurfing to try and encourage more women to get into windsurfing and provide a resource for sharing information. Its pretty cool, featuring hints and tips, a hunk of the month and an interview from myself and Maeli! Check it out here

Meanwhile in Pozo: The waves haven't been to great, well pretty small actually. Still, I have sailed everyday mostly 3.4m and one or two times on 4.2, so can't complain! Still trying forwards and crashing a fair bit! Also improving my backside riding and jumping but could really do with some better waves!

Friday, 25 June 2010

3rd day of Pozo, port tack loops!

3rd day, still 3.4 weather! Thought I'd go for some loops, and got round 2! This is a sequence of one of the ones I waterstarted out of:

Today, 3.4 weather again slightly underpowered. Getting my backside riding a lot better though!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

POZO!! First day, stacked on 3.4

Yesterday I arrived in Gran Canaria for the first trip of my year's training in windsurfing before getting a 'proper' job. Me and SJ arrived in the evening to see a few people sailing late but there wasn't time for us to sort the kit out. We woke up today pretty eager, but I was a little nervous, first day full on 3.4 weather! First session was about 2 hours at 11 o'clock, underpowered to start with but the wind soon kicked in and I was pretty stacked! Just getting used to sailing port tack as I have hardly done any port tack being on the south coast. This evening's session was windier, very VERY overpowered! But great fun, I was a little more comfortable so was going for some backside turns and bigger jumps. Bring on tomorrow!! :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Finished Uni! 5 days surfing in Cornwall...

4 years of a Masters in Engineering degree finished, and what better way to celebrate than go for 5 days surfing in sunny Cornwall! Stef and I took the van to Perranporth Wednesday night for an evening surf after stopping off at Boylos shop in Colyton, Devon. It was reasonable size and a pretty hard paddle out, certainly improved my fitness!

We had a meal out and a couple of beers then headed to Gwithian/Godrevy for the evening for an early surf the next day. Over head high offshore force 3-4 perfection! Surfed all day.

Thursday night we headed to Lands End to watch the sunset and have a few Rattler ciders-good stuff! Friday there was no swell so we took the coastal walk to Sennen Cove for the day and chilled out! The beach hardly looks like England, but the water was certainly cold!

Friday night cooking pasta overlooking the sunset and sets rolling in:

Saturday the swell was good again, no wind so really glassy. We met up with our old housemate Mark for a surf, Cornish pastie lunch, another surf then a 'super dooper hot chocolate' from the cafe to finish a perfect day! Finally, a few surfing photos taken on the Thursday evening session. The waves had backed off a bit but still really fun.

Saturday evening we randomly bumped into some friends from Exeter in Co-op carpark of all places! So we had a bbq and some cider and then camped in the vans overlooking Godrevy. Sunday we woke up to hardly any swell and onshore winds, so after a trip around the tiny lanes of St Ives in two massive vans, we finally found a car park and a coffee shop, and had coffee and pastries overlooking the bay before making the journey back to Southampton.