Tuesday, 23 August 2016

PWA Pozo and Tenerife

Better late than never! Life has been hectic with all the travelling and catching up with work, whilst still remaining fit, doing DIY and chasing forecasts! I wouldn't have it any other way...

So after the minimal windsurf training in Chile and Pozo in May, I was pleased to go out for a week before the competition to get used to the strong winds in Pozo. We had a great week of wind and smallish waves, comfortably powered down to 3.4. At the start of the event though unfortunately the waves disappeared whilst the wind came. The forecast at the end of the week looked promising so whilst the fleet waited in anticipation, the forecast slowly reduced in swell as it came nearer. It was a hurricane force ten for the competition by the end of the week, but unfortunately with pretty small waves. Clinging onto a 3m sail that I am glad Ben Proffit's family sent over to me before the event, I managed a clean forward and table top in my heat against multiple World Champ and awesome windsurf ambassador Sarah Quita-Offringa. I couldn't match her style and moves and unsurprisingly went out in the single elimination. Unfortunately due to the lack of swell there was no chance for a double elimination, leaving me joint 9th place with half the fleet. Congratulations to Daida, Sarah and Iballa for coming First, Second and Third respectively! I am always inspired and motivated to improve sailing with a group of girls (and guys) who are driven and are pushing their limits, coming home with new goals. Here are some pictures from Pozo, with thanks to Fish Bowl Diaries, John Carter PWA, Mikael Linder and Kuma Movies:

After Pozo I had to return to work in the UK, and there was absolutely no wind! I swam, crossfit and surfed in-between to be ready for the next event in Tenerife, flying out only a day before due to leave restrictions. I was so happy that the whole week in Tenerife had wind and waves, which for a place so fickle was pretty lucky! I was drawn against Alexa Escherich first then met Iballa in the single elimination, to whom I went out. In the double I met Caro Weber and was really pleased to put together my best heat, winning to meet Amanda. We were both really under-powered at the end of the day and I didn't sail my best, unfortunately going out. I was so happy to go through two heats though leaving me in 9th place overall for the event, and currently 10th in the World until the next few events which I won't be able to attend. The week in Tenerife was awesome though, giving me a chance to improve my jumping and riding. Here are some pics, thanks to John Carter PWA and Stef.

Finally, a few pictures of home with a small, fun longboard Summer swell and van camping with friends.