Saturday, 27 February 2010

More photos 26th feb

Wind is back!! Kbay and Highcliffe 26th Feburary 2010

Forecast was about 30 knots NW turning to W, so being keen to get out after a rubbish winter we got up at 6am (yes extremely early for us students!) and drove to kbay. It unfortunately had already swung more westerly so we had a 2 hour session there with cross on jumping ramps and onshore riding. Still fun but not massive. Then drove to Highcliffe where the pictures were taken courtesy of Guy Reece-thanks! The wind was on and off all day and was about force 2 once we had rigged! But it came back for a fun cross shore riding and jumping day, pretty good apart from the rip wrecking the waves a little!

Surfing Boscombe

This winter we have been pretty unlucky with windy warm weather and had lots of north north-easterlies and snow! We did have a good swell and a 15s period at boscombe which is pretty rare! Here are a couple of photos, not very good ones but oh well, better than nothing!