Monday, 28 May 2012

Bigbury weekend and Pozo!

We have had some good wind and a tiny bit of swell recently, getting a small surf at Fistral and Whitsands and a weekend windsurfing (flat water) at Bigbury. My brother-in-law Hylton is learning to windsurf and did really well getting his first waterstarts. He also became water camera man and between him and my sister Ruth, took the photos below.

Me and Stef have also booked a last minute trip to Pozo for ten days, as we couldn't resist the 4 day bank holiday weekend, taking 4.5 days leave to get 10 days on the water. Hopefully it will be ten fully windy and wavey days! Leave on Saturday, sooo excited!!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Windsurf 4 Cancer Research Video!

As promised, the windsurf for cancer research video! Don't forget to donate HERE!
More Windsurfing Videos

There has been dissapointingly no proper swell since we returned from Chile, but we have had a few bump and jump sessions and some desperate onshore surfing! Last night we had a session at Bigbury in an Easterly. Amazingly there were some knee to waist high waves to play with, and my new Flywave felt pretty good. I can imagine with a big SW swell and an Easterly wind it could be amazing, but so rare!

I am gutted I am missing BWA Rhosneigr and Ireland due to work committments. Its a shame as I will lose my British Wave Champion title this year! Instead I will hit it hard after work when there are some good conditions!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Windsurf 4 Cancer and a new board!

We have just come back from an amzing weekend in Wales, which turned out to be a multi activity weekend due to the lack of wind. On Saturday we stopped in Taunton on the way up, paddling a Canadian canoe around a large area of flooded fields and dropping our passengers off on the way on random fence posts and trees sticking up!

Sunday was windsurf for cancer at Llandeggfedd reservoir. There was a great turnout with pirates and silver windsurfers, cake sales, BBQ, SUPs and kit to use and of course dedicated Mike Walklin teaching a team of windsurfers. We arrived for 8.30, getting straight on the water for a windsurf in about 6 knots, teaching our 'zero' Doug Reid. He did well in the little wind, learning tacking, sail 360s and sail and body 360s. No planing though in that wind, so he isn't a hero yet! We will take him again when its windier. The rest of the day we decided to make full power with all the watersports we could fit in, SUPing, diving off boats and rafts, paddling our surfboards and even fishing! We finished the day running up a hill followed by an amazing roast from Mrs Hilder!

Bank holiday Monday followed with more exercise, climbing at Llangorse. I even managed to climb the indoor tree trunk all the way up!

There is a video coming soon, but if you can spare any cash for a good cause, please donate HERE!

I also have a new Simmer Flywave 69l, which I can't wait to use, if only there was some proper swell....