Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day 1 and 2, PWA Pozo

Day 1: Really windy! I was going to be stacked on my 3.4 as a small French guy called Antoine was sailing his 2.8m! The waves were good too, logo to mast on the bigger sets, so the guys put on a pretty impressive show, with doubles, massive backloops and stalled forwards, forwards of the lip, nice wave 360s etc - you can imagine in about 40 knots of wind! The judges got through about 17 heats of the Mens single elimination before the wind got lighter and the waves backed off. I went out on 3.4 during the postponement but wasn't powered up. The ladies were meant to run after heat 20 but we never got that far!

Day 2: A late start after last nights opening ceremony, 11.30 skippers meeting. However this was postponed hour by hour until about 2pm they called off today for a 12.30 start tomorrow. The waves had backed right down to about knee to waist high and I was barely powered on my 4.7.

Tomorrow is looking unfortunately similar to today, but Friday is more windy an Saturday and Sunday are going to be nuts with big swell and really strong winds! I am up against PWA regular freestyler Laure Treboux, who has been doing PWA wave and freestyle for years so I need a lot of luck! I'll let you know how it goes!

Here is the link to day one's video on the front page of the pwa site:
PWA site

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