Thursday, 22 July 2010

What next?! And a forward loop video...

Me graduating, with sensible flat shoes for the bad foot!!

So I am a graduate in Aerospace engineering! What now?! Well, this seems to be my plan: I have a job with Babcock Marine in Plymouth, not for this year, but deferred until September 2011, which is great because I can do a whole year focusing on windsurfing! I am really looking forward to starting the job, and it will also be great to live in Plymouth and be near good waves when its going off rather than in Guildford like I am now. Lots of surfing and windsurfing after work and weekends I think!

So for this year, I have already booked flights to Brazil for October 3rd to December 14th. We are going to Ibiraquera, South of Florianopolis, for hopefully some great wavesailing and surfing! After that, the plan is Maui March/April time, then the Canaries for Summer and hopefully PWA Pozo. Inbetween trips I'll be working as hard as I can to afford all this and also doing the BWA events. So a busy year! But I am sooo excited...

VIDEO!! Now this isn't the full video, I have two friends helping me out with my Pozo video as my computer is way too slow! So that will be coming soon. But here is a compilation of me learning to port tack forward, with lots of crashes so I hope you enjoy it!