Friday, 16 July 2010

Uh oh-carted of in an Ambulance...

I didn't think 2 days after Pozo would be 3.4 weather again, but the forecast couldn't be missed so I got up pretty early to drive to Shoreham to meet Sam Darkin for a sail. I arrived a bit late after my car wouldn't start and most people were packing up to go to Sea Lane Cafe Worthing, so I followed. It looked pretty good, cross on, some nice waist to head ramps and I was stacked on my 3.4! Trouble was, my chest was causing me grief from the mast slam in Pozo; I thought it was better but obviously not and I was getting sharp pains holding on. Maybe I cracked a rib or something? So I couldn't make the most of the session, but decided 'one last run', its always the case. Crashed a backloop, think I overrotated? Felt a bit like a push loop, but not sure what happened it was so fast, then I was in the water screaming. A kitesurfer called an ambulance and I drifted/swam in and some windsurfers caught my kit. I couldn't stand on it so was carried to a bench. I took a trip in the ambulance to hospital in my wetsuit and stayed there being moved about and having xrays. First they decided my metatarsel was fractured and was about to put a cast on up to my knee, then decided after another xray that it wasn't, and I had bad tissue damage. Taking my wetsuit off was an effort, and of course I had no clothes! So I got in a taxi with a hospital gown and a blanket and some crutches, back to my car to get a wallet, then hopped to a cashpoint, and back to the car again. I must have looked a sight! At Worthing I waited a couple of hours for my parents to come and drive me and my car home.
Now my foot is pretty swollen and I can't really move it much. Hopefully the swelling will go down soon and it will get better really quickly, fingers crossed! Thanks to Lewis and Geoff for helping me!

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