Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Vargas and lots of forwards!

Today is the second day of the PWA competition at Pozo. Yesterday (and the day before), there was no wind at all! We went for a drive up to the North Coast of Gran Canaria to find pretty good glassy waves, and frustratingly no surf boards and the only hire shop we found seemed to be on a long siesta?!
Though only 13 girls entered the PWA and I guess I could have entered (if I had had about 140 euros), I decided to wait until I am better at port tack, so I can guarantee getting through the first heats and maybe win some prize money! Hopefully next year I will enter? I would like to see the standard of the bottom fleet girls...
So today the four of us decided to sail Vargas as Pozo would be closed for competition. There wasn't too much wind at Pozo today, everyone was on 4.7 pretty much and we were expecting less at Vargas. However, I was powered up on 3.4 all day!! It turned into a bit of a looping day, I think I did about 20, with Mike yelling at me with his GoPro on his head following. It makes you go for them!! When you don't land them all the time it is pretty tiring, and my body is feeling it! I will sleep well tonight...

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