Friday, 2 July 2010

Hit in the face with a mast!

So today started with hardly any wind at all, and swinging directions. Then at about 12 it built up and then by about 2 when i went out, it was full on 3.4 weather and some waves for once! I was so stacked and did alot of crashed high jumps! My session ended abruptly when some guy on the inside hit my eyebrow (thankfully not my eye!) full on with the tip of his mast. I was waterstarting to go out again and I guess he tacked or something and fell in. Well I went in and my eyebrow got a nice shaped egg on it!! Its gone down now but is slowly turning grey-oh dear!! I got some ice on it and couldn't miss going for another session this evening. Even more windy, absolutely stacked on a 3.4 but managed 5 forward attempts, 2 of which I water started out of. Not bad for 40-50 knots!

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