Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Last Day at Pozo

I think sailing every day for 3 weeks with only 2 days rest has taken its toll on my body, and no matter how much sleep I get I always feel tired. We went for a coffee to wake up and then I was really psyched for my last session at Pozo. 3.4 weather, head high waves. It looked good, and it wasn't busy! The trouble was, the evening before I had the fastest catapult of my life and was swung full pelt into the mast, badly bruising my elbow and my ribs, so I wasn't really going for it on my last session. Maybe it was the coffee or maybe I was just exhausted but I felt all wobbly sailing and basically didn't have much strength! So my last session was short and frankly pretty rubbish. Oh well, I am home now and sort of glad for the rest! I think Pozo has taught me a lot and hopefully if I come back to do the PWA next year, I will be sailing a lot better! Now for finding a job which will pay for Brazil, leaving the 3rd of October.

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