Thursday, 5 December 2013

K4 Harness Mount, Onshore Riding and 'Below the Surface'

Quite a few photos for this blog update! Firstly, Chorillos with the K4 harness mount. I used the extended pole version that you can buy HERE I was actually really pleasantly surprised. I hadn't used it yet on the trip as I was waiting for the right conditions, a not too big or windy day as I thought it would be difficult to sail with or I might break it. In fact the day I took it out was about shoulder to head cross-onshore 3.4 weather! A good test! It wasn't hard to sail with, just bounced a little on my back and I had to be aware of it water starting, but it withstood some good wipe-outs! I have made a video of the session but I can't upload it here as the internet is too slow so I'll put it up when I am back in a couple of weeks. Here are some shots from the session:

We also had a good day the next day at Chorillos, it was bigger than I expected with some good logo to mast sets rolling in, which made it all the more scary going for a bottom turn with low tide death dumps! (See the pic...) A really fun session though with only me, Stef, Klass, Lief and Leon. Leon was going for some HUGE stalled forwards and pushies!

Onshore aerial

Low tide death dumps!!


Leon: Big stalled forward:

We also had the premier of 'Below the Surface' movie by the late Andre Pascowski at Surazo bar. An evening of drinks, amazing food, excited windsurfers and a great movie. I feel proud to be a windsurfer!

Lastly, a nice shot of Matanzas from Surazo. The next few days are looking lighter wind again so perhaps more surfing!

For a few more Chile shots, check Stef's blog HERE

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