Wednesday, 18 December 2013

K4 Harness Mount Video!

As promised, here is the K4 harness Mount video! One session at Chorillos in Chile.

K4 Harness Mount Windsurfing Video in Chile a Windsurfing video by sarahk349

So we are back! What a trip! We had some really varied conditions, from 3.4m weather mast high to 4.7m waist to shoulder high waves, cross-on to cross off and some good surfing too. The last few days were just surfing, so I got a little time to practise my fast take-offs in barrelling waves (not my strongest point surfing!) and I got a little better. I certainly won't be scared in the majority of English waves now! Here are a few shots from the Go Pro, and some lifestyle ones we took at the end.

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