Thursday, 12 December 2013

Last wind of the trip and some great sessions...

We have had the last few days of wind here now before we fly home Monday, what a trip! I'll let the photos do the talking.

Starting with...fuel for the windsurfing! Ha ha!

Pupuya and Chorillos: Cross on, head to overhead sets and windy! I have been practising my riding and backloops.

Roca Cuadrada: This session was really light, especially on the wave! It was unexpected and fun though which is always the best way to have a session!

Topocalma, the day everyone was looking forward to for the previous week. A good 19s period 2.9 metre swell coming. It turned out to be a little bit of a let down for Topocalma, it wasn't classic barrelling lefts and sunshine to the horizon. Sea fog had crept in making it look more like a big Gwithian UK grey day! Still the waves were a good size (they grew bigger through the day), and were trickier to read than peeling lefts. It was really hard work, gusty and the wind ranged from 3-35knots, just where you needed to take the wave! The last three pictures are unknown, Victor and Klass.

After Topocalma, we scored a great session at Roca Cuadrada with the building swell. I was a little underpowered on 4.2 and the wind was really light on the wave making riding tricky, but the waves were perfect barrelling lefts. We sailed until sunset and had such a good time we didn't stop to take photos, neither of us wanted to stop sailing! I did take this shot at the end though, stoked for the windsurfing, Chile, and this amazing trip!

Here are a couple of shots of Matanzas, it has some beautiful sunsets! I only managed to capture the pink sky though... The next 3 days have some good swell so we should have a nice surfy end to the trip! There is also a Chile video coming soon, a K4 harness mount video and a good crash video from Stef, all of which will have to be uploaded when we are home as the internet is too slow here!

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  1. Keep it secret, we dont want crowded waves ...