Friday, 29 November 2013

Surfing with Sea-lions!

The past week we have had a bit of strong wind jumping, 3.4/3.7 weather cross-on at Pupuya, but still with small waves. We also went to Topocalma a couple of times hoping for great conditions only to be a little disappointed... But the forecast looks good for the next week now, fingers crossed!
We did have an amazing surf at Puertecillo the other day, which is normally a busy spot with long lefts. It was sunny, turquoise water, 3 of us out...and 2 sea-lions! They were ducking and diving between us, catching waves with us and slapping their tails! Unfortunately I only caught them on the edge of the go-pro video, despite trying! They shot around you and I couldn't guess where they would pop up next! the sea-lions in the next photos!

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  1. Great pictures Sarah - look forward to seeing the video!!