Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Topocalma and Pupuya I am back on the water! I had 3-4 days off with my eye as it was pretty swollen to the point I could only just see! Now it has almost gone down, still a little swelling on the cheek but fine for sailing and surfing again! I had a day with a surf at Puertecillo and another at Matanzas, but I think my confidence was low with the drop of a takeoff here (unlike most English waves), so I didn't do so well, but I am hoping to next time! We have a few more days of wind then its surfing time.

Windsurf wise, it has been really fun. I have been sailing twice a day, once at cross-on Pupuya, working on my jumping and some onshore riding, then at Matanzas for offshore riding. Today we went to Topocalma and it was about logo to mast, 3.7 weather! Well actually I was stacked on 3.7! I came in to rig a 3.4 after a while but realised I was shattered and my arms couldn't hold on anymore so I gave it a rest! Lots of the pros have arrived now so it was great to see the show from Victor, Klass, Leon, Robby, Adam and Marcillo, and also some of the Chilean locals too. Lots to learn! Here are some photos and video stills from the sessions.



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