Monday, 11 April 2011

Windsurf for Cancer!

So the Annual windsurf for Cancer event is happening on Sunday 1st of May and this year I have set myself a challenge to raise as much money as possible for Cancer! The idea is to get as many people as possible to Llandegfedd reservoir in South Wales and windsurf from 8am to 8pm non-stop. We have set ourselves a challenge to compete within that time-to windsurf the distance of the London Marathon as a race-oldies against younguns! This will happen whatever the wind, on SUPs if there is no wind (which I am imagining is going to be extremely hard so I am praying for wind!). So this is a plea for any support anyone can give,

Please donate here

I would be so greatful for any donations to Cancer Research! This challenge will be hard, especially if it is cold with no wind! -hot chocolate in a Camelback maybe?? Anyone who wants to join the challenge is welcome, turn up at Llandegfedd early on Sunday morning with kit, the more the merrier and we can raise more money for a great cause!


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