Saturday, 2 April 2011

Big swell and the Valley's!

So the past few days have been fun, we have still sailed every day but my arms are lasting less and less time, I really need a rest! I think tomorrow might be rest day as the swell isn't too good-Volcano time?! My riding is slowly improving but there hasn't been so much jumping the last few days. Anyway a big swell came in and it looked pretty knarly at Kuau, wasn't sure I was ready for a massive swim! So we sailed Lowers and Uppers at Kanaha which has been fun, logo to mast on the biggest day. The swell dropped off pretty quickly but there are still some good waves around. We took a trip to the Valleys today which was really picturesque and the water was pretty cold and refreshing!

A lesser known spot near our place during one of the bigger days. The swell direction at the moment means the waves are peeling left but hopefully next week when the direction changes this place should be sick! Nice photos I took of people slightly braver (or more skilled!) than me!

Hookipa heli shoots:

Nice aerial from Brawzhino:

The Valley trip

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