Monday, 11 April 2011

I need a tiny custom!

So today I had two sessions. The first was super maxed out on 3.4 Icon and my 68l Quatro Rhythm in mast high at Kuau; the second at Lowers, still on 3.4 but comfortable this time! I love my Rhythm, but as I have improved it has become more my 'big' board, being 10 litres more than my weight. I always thought I wasn't good enough to get a custom, as I would need to know all the details about what kind of board I want, but actually I am not sure thats the case and my main reason to get one is that 68l is the smallest production board I can find and its just too big!! The waves were epic at Kuau today, and I think I would have had so much more fun on a 55l ish board. Instead, any wave I got I was bouncing around so much I just couldn't control the board so I ended up sailing pretty badly! There are photos below from stills from video I got. The video shows how much I am bumping around!! I guess waves will always be choppy in 3.4 weather but it would be cool to be able to improve my riding by having a tiny board!
Anyway, enough ranting! It was a super fun session but I came in pretty early as my rides weren't all that great. I then sailed Kanaha for about head high waves to improve my riding and have a little jumping. We have 2 more days of wind until there is a spell for surfing only, so its full on for the next couple of days!
Aside from windsurfing, we have visited a blowhole on the West side of the island and the Twin falls, both amazing trips.

Fuelling up before windsurfing with a one man american size baguette (which we could barely finish between 3!)

Kuau session:

Blow hole:

Twin Falls mucking around!

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