Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sprecks, last of wind and Hana!

The last 2 days of wind we tried to sail really hard to make the most of it! Two days ago I had a session at sprecks on 3.4, but unfortunately it really wasn't 3.4 weather and I had a pretty frustrating session! It was definitely windy when we rigged but seemed to drop right off as we hit the water, classic. Despite that I had a few fun rides and some forwards. Yesterday we had a double session, Kanaha first then Kuau. Again it wasn't the best session as the wind direction was quite offshore, so super gusty 3.4 weather to wobbling! The Kuau session was fun but difficult as the swell was small, it was gusty and the sun was low. Anyway, I think I made the most of the wind, we now have a few days of adventures/surfing before it comes back.
First day of no wind: trip to Hana. This is a tiny town on the East side but the journey is through long, winding roads with plenty of waterfalls, caves to swim in, jungle and scenery! Amazing trip fuelled by banana bread and smoothies along the way!

A few shots from Sprecks:

American red cups!

A waterfall we found along the way. We were the only people there as you had to climb your way up some slippery, muddy rocks to get there. The water is pretty cold too.

Scenery along the way. This was a graveyard with loads of Japanese grave stones:

The worrying signs saying not to swim in the water! I haven't seen these on the North shore so I guess we are safe when we windsurf? This was before we swam in some caves, but they were freshwater.

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