Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lots of surfing and some freestyle!

Glassy surfing:

Stormy, rainy weather while running down the beach for drinks at a friends!

Sailing on the flat water lagoon:

Two vulcan shots:

A funny crash:

The view from Markus and Emma's place, (renting from Yann), of the lagoon, beautiful!

Stef's results night for his MSc, which he very greatfully passed well!

Stef with big a cute Romano, Christian's dog:

Any excuse for a caipirinha!

It has been a while since I last posted so thought I would include some lifestyle pictures from the last ten days. We had a week of really good surfing with sets over double-overhead and the glassiest waves I have seen. The Go Pro footage was showing a mirror image of our boards on the surface of the water it was so clear and still! We surfed every day getting up early and having some double sessions, and my surfing has improved a lot. Surfing is harder to take pictures of though as no-one wants to sit and wait for everyone to catch waves, hence the lifestyle pictures this post!

We then had a day of freestyle which I really enjoyed! We were on the lagoon by a grassy area so the water was super flat and only a little over knee deep with a really soft sand bottom so there was no danger of damaging our boards. I landed my first vulcans on a wave board (having done some on a freestyle board), so I was pretty happy as it slides so much less and you have to be really quick.

Yesterday we had a head high port tack day which was great to practise my riding. Kauli is now back and sailing here and its amazing to see him rip in such small waves! We are looking forward to another big day forecast in a week, please let the forecast stay!!

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