Saturday, 20 November 2010

Starboard cross off and surfing

Since my last post we have had a couple of port tack float and ride sessions and one evening session which was literally about 6 knots! It certainly teaches you about using the wave! We also had a really good starboard cross off riding day. Most of the starboard days have been jumping so this was the first cross off day. We sailed down at Praia do Luz by the Island, which meant wobbling out through the channel (with waves and swell bouncing everywhere!), then making it out just past the sets but unfotunately in the wind shadow of the island. So it was tricky to say the least and the waves were head to logo, some bigger. Wobbing almost dead downwind is certainly a skill! Anyway the waves were worth it, really smooth and great to ride. Unfortunately due to the almost a km walk downwind with our kit, mine and Stefs arms gave out pretty quickly and we couldn't sail as long as we had hoped. The photos below are stills from the video so not great quality sorry!

This morning we had a dawn raid surfing, which was well worth it as the waves were head to double overhead and really glassy. We also came across macroplankton, quite large blobs of see through goo which you could feel through your fingers when you paddled, very off-putting! Stef also saw a penguin! The photo below shows the waves after we just finished surfing.

The next weeks forecast doesn't look great for wind, but good for surfing. With only 3 and a half weeks left we are praying for some big port tack days!

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