Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lots of pictures! and another logo-mast high day!

Heading out for a surf:

Backside shot from markus swimming with the GoPro:

Sunset surf:

Another mast high day in our last week!

Wave sequence:

Aerial sequence:

So it has been a pretty good week! We had some more really glassy surfing, nice head high earlier in the week to play with then bigger before the big swell hit for windsurfing. We were praying for another mast high day before we left and we got it! Some waves were over mast and we saw Christian get the wipeout of his life when one closed out on top of him out back! The wind wasn't ideal, really light in the morning 5-10 knots, making getting out all the more challenging, but the waves were really smooth. The afternoon brought 5-20 knots so it was easier to catch the waves you wanted, but you had to dodge a lot of kiters! I was working on hitting the lip really vertical on my waves causing a lot of wipeouts and swimming, but was super stoked to get my first big aerial (unfortunately not landed), on a logo high wave!

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