Thursday, 11 November 2010

More port tack and a starboard day...

Forward clip from the Go Pro:

Jump still from the video camera:

Why not have the beach all to yourself?!

Me after a top turn:

A photo I took of Stef top turning:

After our epic day on the 29th we had a couple of days chilling out followed by some surf days. We had clean head high surfing for 3 sessions before another port tack day. It was about waist high, nice float and ride, and due to the small size, it meant I could practise my riding and catch way more waves than the big day, where you had to take care not to get smashed! So a good practise day in preparation for another big day. The afternoon session got super windy and choppy waves, so we decided to have a go at freestyle in the lagoon. Unfortunately by the time we walked round there the wind dropped a little so we weren’t really powered!

Next day: port tack again 4.7 weather with waist high waves. Got some loops which was cool! The weather here is pretty weird and it went from 4.7 weather port tack to 4.7 weather starboard within about ten minutes! We rigged again for another session of starboard tack which was short lived as a big thunderstorm came over!

The past 3 days have been pretty good too. Port tack 4.7 weather again, waist high. I almost landed quite a few vulcans on my wave board which was great, until I twisted my bad foot again, (its still pretty weak), so I gave up on those for now. We had another day of float and ride port tack, then yesterday which was super windy starboard tack with head to logo waves coming in. Only trouble was although it was almost powered 3.4 weather, there was quite a rip downwind so I went 4.2, not always powered due to the rip but when I was, I got some good jumping in and backside riding.

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