Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pushloops, tabletops, forwards...

Pozo is overcast this morning, but still windy! I am waiting for the waves to roll in, today and tomorrow should be good! I have had a few more successful sessions and I am happy I am trying lots of moves (but also crashing a lot!) A few days ago I got my forwards more consistent, just off chop until I learn to control them better. I really have to concentrate on the sideways movement here as it is really easy to go end over end in the strong wind and hurt yourself. I also plucked up the courage to try pushloops, on a 3.4! Everyone says do them when you are really overpowered, so I put my helmet on and went for it! I haven't landed one yet, my closest attempt I caught the mast on, but soon I hope! I am also trying to improve my table tops too but they look pretty lame right now, I am struggling to get the board really tweaked! All in all though, I am glad I have mastered the courage to try pushloops and I won't go home on Monday having not tried them! I hope I get one!


Pushloop crashes:
This was a pushie attempt I crashed, then Skyboy comes and does one right over my head and shows me how it is done!
Table tops:
Thanks to Jose Pinas for this shot!
Top turn:

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