Tuesday, 9 July 2013

High pressure = no wind, so Bromance Games!

Hello! I am currently back in the UK in Plymouth and its 30 odd degrees! Summer has finally come! But, there is no wind, and there hasn't been any since I got back from Pozo 2 weeks ago. Its kind of frustrating when I train everyday abroad, get psyched for trying new moves, then run out of steam because I can't train for ages when I am back in the UK. I guess that's the UK Summer though and doing a sport which depends on the weather! I did have a nice glassy surf though...

So a little update from my last days in Pozo...the waves came! But so did an infected foot...urgh. An urchin spine that I had left for 3 days suddenly got pretty angry and swollen, so I had two days off the water as I couldn't put pressure on it, and some antibiotics from the hospital. I missed the biggest windiest day, but the guys were on 3.4 so I think it would have been too much for me anyway, a shame though, I was gutted just watching! I tried a couple more pushloops, but haven't landed one yet, and the last couple of days weren't too windy-just need a good jumping day in the UK! Me and Albert did score a fun session at Ojos de Garza though, some fun wave riding, and our last day we spent like normal tourists and went to the water park!

Bromance Games! As I have mentioned, I train at Crossfit Plymouth to keep me fit, strong and hopefully more immune to injury. The Bromance games was a Crossfit Plymouth run competition over last Saturday and Sunday, where you enter with your training buddy (girls with girls, guys with guys). A lot of people ask how you judge crossfit as they think its like circuits, so I'll post the workouts and explain. There were 3 workouts a day:

Day 1:

Workout Of the Day (WOD) 1 - 9 Min As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) Scored on number of reps

15 Partner Deadlifts 140kg guys/90kg girls

15 Partner Burpee Bar Jump Overs

30 Partner Wall Balls (throw ball over the pull up tower)


WOD 2 - Chipper - 20 min Time Out. Scored on time to complete or number of reps if you don't complete it

300 Double Unders

40 Front Rack Alt Lunges 50/30

50 Toes 2 Bar

60 Back Squat 50/30

70 HSPU's

80 Burpees


WOD 3 - Mystery WOD, which turned out to be Fran, a benchmark WOD, in pairs:

42 reps of each then 30 reps of each then 18 reps of each

Thrusters 30kg for girls


12 minute timeout, any time remaining get a maximum ground to overhead weight which counts as your score. After all that, it was pretty hard as you can tell by my face! Ha ha!

Day 2:

WOD 4 - 7km Run, first past the post


WOD 5 - 3 Rep Max Overhead Squat (from floor) 12 min time out, scored on the weight


WOD 6 - Mystery WOD:

3 x 5 min (in pairs) 1 working/1 resting, so 1 minute on each exercise max effort, 3 rounds:

Thrusters 60/30kg

Power Snatch 60/30kg

Box Jump Overs 24/20"

Shoulder to overhead 60/30kg

One arm kb swings 24/16kg

1 point for 1st, 2 for 2nd etc. Lowest points win :) All 6 WOD's to count towards final score.

It was my first Crossfit competition, and I loved the atmosphere! The number of workouts we did in the weekend was more than I normally do in a week, so I was pretty tired afterwards, but I had a great time and loved pushing the boundaries of my fitness.

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