Saturday, 15 June 2013

Pozo Izquierdo!

I'm in Pozo again! I think this is about the fourth year in a row that I have come here and funnily enough, I never quite get used to the sailing here! I always come with loads of goals which I think are completely realistic until I sail here again and realise how hard it is to control everything you do....uh...

We are staying at Albert Pijoan's house with Justyna Sniady, Ben Proffit, Amanda Beenen (who has now left) and some guys and girls I hadn't met before, so its a really fun house! We sail out from the beach rather than having to launch on the horrible slippery rocks which is great, no more bashed toes! I have been sailing twice a day on 3.4 and 3.7 with my 58l custom, but today I took Ben's Flywave 68 with a 4.2 and had a rather more relaxing wave riding session! The wind hasn't been completely mental yet but its coming and I have had a few days where I have been stacked on 3.4! Unfortunately we haven't had great waves for riding yet, last year we had head to logo by the end so I am hoping for that before we leave, but at least its been windy everyday!

I have been practising my riding and my forwards, but I am still a bit freaked out by Justyna's forward injury and find myself going off the smallest ramps! I'll get some guts eventually! My riding is improving but it depends massively on the size of the waves, how chopped up they are and how overpowered I am!

Here are some photos from stills from the gopro and the video camera:

Concentration face overpowered on 3.4 and 58l board-windy!!
Upwind leg home to a nice sandy beach!

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