Sunday, 17 February 2013

Judging at Plymouth and Exeter Student Wave Event

Last weekend saw the annual Exeter Student Wave Event (this year combined with Plymouth), with loads of students travelling from across the country to experience Cornwall's waves! This event has always been a good one, with conditions in the years I competed ranging from 100mph storm gusts and swell one year at Lyme Regis to a fairly ice cold calm weekend surfing at Woolacombe. This year's event had a slightly dodgy forecast of cold NW winds, rain, and a tiny bit of swell. My sponsor Jim from Puravida ran the event alongside Rachel and Jo and team from Exeter Uni, with help from Tushingham, head judge Ian Ross and Stef and I as guest judges.

After a few drinks in town on the Friday we headed to The Bluff in Cornwall for a dubious looking forecast. Jim, Ian, Stef and I ran a (very detailed!) chat on wave boards, fins and sails-get a windsurfer talking on equipment and he won't stop for anyone! For the rest of the day Tushingham ran a SUP windsurf promtu competition in the building waves. Whilst the students went back to Plymouth to party hard, we opted for the more sensible option of going for an amazing curry in Falmouth, ready for the judging the next day.

Sunday started dismally with onshore light wind and torrential rain, but that didn't put the enthusiastic students off! I found out my waterproof trousers and ski jacket combo was not so waterproof and despite wearing knee high socks, fleece boot liners and wellies, I still had cold feet! The wind came in and we set up the flags and tried to hide behind the lifeguard hut from the rain, which wasn't successful! Even the heat draw pen was running and it was almost impossible to write on our soggy marking paper! Still, after a good cold drenching the rain cleared and the sun peeped out, and it was windy! It was onshore, not too dissimilar to Pozo conditions other than the fact it was 5m weather and 5 degrees! The students did the Student Windsurf Association proud with their hungover enthusiasm, organisation and abilities, with lots of landed forwards and forward attempts being seen, the odd backloop attempt and some good riding. Well done to Ben Page and Jo Wright for winning the male and female competition! After the competition I headed out, complete with rock launch as it was high tide, but it was shortlived as the wind died. I did get a freezing session in earlier in the week at Daymer however, a gusty 3.7 stormy day with the biggest waves I have seen Daymer get!

Lots of layers - FREEZING!!

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