Saturday, 2 February 2013

Storm Chase!

January has delivered the goods so far in terms of swell, two big low pressures have bought some nice size swell to the UK recently, too bad that I have had to pray it comes on a weekend during daylight hours! If you haven't seen the footage of the Red Bull Storm Chase, check it out below. Respect to the 10 selected athletes to ride this storm (Mission 1 in Ireland), it looked nuts!

Making the most of what I could in Cornwall (but looking absolutely pathetic after that video!) I went for a surf at Crooklets Bude, the weekend we had all the snow. It was nice to get in the water while everyone was wrapped up cosy at home, full neoprene sorts that! And best of all, nice head high sets rolling in and only four of us out. Sorry, I didn't manage to get a photo with my numb fingers!

Last weekend I had two brilliant windsurf sessions, first of the year! One was Mexico's, head to logo down the line on a 4.7. Gusty as always but I got some really nice rides. The second was marazion, cross on starboard tack jumping. It varied from waist to head but was pretty fun! Getting closer on my backloops! The wind direction meant we couldn't really make the most of the massive storm swell, but at least Marazion actually got some waves as its normally pretty flat! Thanks to Mel at Splashography for the photos.

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