Saturday, 16 March 2013

A Beasty Easterly!

Last weekend was 3.7 weather easterly winds, it was going to be freezing! We slept in the van at Falmouth the night before after an amazing curry with Frenchie and Steve King, it was about 1 degree. The next morning we drove to the South Coast, a spot I'd never sailed before, following the satnav to a farm (classic) before finally arriving at the beach. There was a nice rigging area in the forest which gave us a false hope of a warm session! I wore gloves but they quickly annoyed me and give me cramp in my forearms, so ended up wearing them just on my thumbs with them flapping around. I am still yet to find a good pair of windsurf gloves! Anyway, suprisingly the session wasn't all that cold, it was full power 3.7 weather cross-on head building to logo and really fun! I had some nice wave rides and crashed a lot of forwards and backie attemps-really need to do more jumping and improve! Here are some photos I took and Steve took after the session of Andy King and some others.

Yesterday we sailed Bigbury after work but the spring tides and the river killed all the wind after 10 minutes and underpowered onshore was not fun-I ended up getting pretty angry! However, a week on Tuesday, 6 of us are heading to Sines in Portugal to PigDog Surfcamp for 2 weeks of surfing-wooop!! Looking forward to some warmer water and nice waves :)

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