Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Surfing Godrevy

Last weekend we took the van down to Godrevy and surfed Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was offshore, but the swell wasn't meant to be very big, so I didn't have any high expectations. I took my Adams 6'4'' board and it was really fun, about up to head high and peeling nicely.

Sunday the swell was much better, but the offshore wind stronger. We debated whether to windsurf on the South, but thought there wouldn't be many waves there and the waves at Godrevy were looking really nice! Plus the fact, it was about 5 degrees and South Easterly-I thought my hands would go numb in an instant windsurfing but surfing I could wear 5mm gloves! So we stuck at Godrevy, taking our time to get in at mid to low tide, though perhaps we should have gone in earlier when it was less windy?!
So it was offshore, over head high and peeling right down the line, the trouble was, you had to take off super late, otherwise the wind would blow you back off the top. You also couldn't see anything when taking off-it was like being in a storm cloud! Anyway, I took my Deviant 5'10'' which was perfect for ducking the bigger waves, and for the first time the Go Pro on the front-so here are the stills and a little video of slow motion ducking!

Hylton taking off:

Bit late!

Nice and clean...

Stef taking off:

You can just about see Stef's head dropping through the lip:

A bad still of me on a wave-the spray was ridiculous so didn't really make any good shots. My best two waves I mucked up and put the GoPro on timer!

Hylton, Stef and my sister Ruth:

Forgot to add: After surfing, on the way home, my toes swelled up, went very red and became the itchiest thing I have ever experienced in my life!! I couldn't concentrate or sit still! Chill blanes apparently, though why I haven't had these before I have no idea, my feet have gone very numb before... Anyway, I ended up putting anti itch mosquito cream on them I was so desperate, and sat in the bath having self diagnosed off the internet to put cold water, hot water, cold water, hot water etc on them... It then came back the next day at work-uh oh! Got some cream at lunch and it seems to be ok now. Hope it doesn't happen again!

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