Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ski Video!

So here it is, our ski and snowboard video from Andorra. As I said, not amazing conditions but we made the most of what was there! Hopefully you like it!

Sarah Bibby and Stef Hilder Skiing and Boarding in Andorra 2011 >>

Had a good surf on Sunday in turquoise water in deepest darkest Cornwall! First time I have surfed in a couple of months as I had my eyes done, and I surprised myself-I wasn't as rusty as I thought I would be! So good not to be wearing contacts-it was fairly heavy for its size and I got squashed to the floor occaisionally! Also managed to duck dive and then squash my head on my board and crack my neck which was scary, but it seems to be ok! It did highlight how fit I need to be for Chile though, you forget you are launching yourself into doing at least 5 hours exercise a day for 3 weeks when you barely do a couple of hours every few days here. And its big and heavy there... So lots of gym and climbing during the week and surfing/windsurfing at the weekends!

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