Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Skiing in Andorra

I had a great Christmas back home with my family, it was the biggest Christmas in a long time with my 3 sisters, brother in law, boyfriend, gran and her friend! On boxing day morning me and Stef got an early flight to Arinsal, Andorra for a holiday with Neilson. The snow in the Pyrenees wasn't great, it had had one dump and then rained just before we went, so we decided to head on a 40 minute bus ride to Arcalis instead of skiing Arinsal where we were based. The lift pass still covered it and the snow was much better there as it was a bowl rather than a face (and less slushy!). We skiied a few days there but for advanced skiers it was a little small. We headed to Gran Valira for a day instead, the other resort in Andorra, and it was sooooo much bigger! Gutted! (Should have paid more attention when booking!) The forecast was for a little more snow and then some rain, so we ended up paying for another day lift pass and a taxi to the other resort, which was much higher. Windy, but we found some powder! We had an amazing time though, even meeting up with an old uni friend, Ed Sinclair, for New Years which was great-we didn't even know we were in the same resort! I wouldn't go back to Arinsal skiing again, as it was too small for us, but Gran Valira was pretty good. It was partly due to the lack of snow though, as a few pistes were closed and crucially the lift to the other resort Pal too, which would have increased the area, its probably pretty good with a lot more snow!

So there is my review of Andorra's skiing if you could be bothered to read it! I don't want to paint a bad picture of Andorra though, it had some advantages: Very little people on the slopes-in fact the least busy resort I have been to; tax free-so less expensive than all French resorts; and much cheaper lift passes! Still, we had some really fun days and a little powder, making the most of what was there! We did go pretty early in the season, so I can't complain about the snow too much! I will put out a small video soon, but for now some photos!

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