Monday, 27 September 2010

Ibiraquera, Brazil on Sunday!!

WOW I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!! Me, Stef and Tom fly to Ibiraquera Sunday night, 15 hour flight! So I have a couple more days of work left and am busy packing lots of kit, repairing my surfboard and taking lots of spares to Brazil. We fly with TAM, in which we are allowed 2x 32kg bags, which includes windsurf kit! Might be the first time ever I have not paid for kit in an airport! Don't want to jinx myself though...
I had a small windsurf session at Calshot at the weekend to see how my foot was doing, still sore but hopefully another week will make all the difference? Anyway, super stoked to get some good waves soon!....

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  1. HI! As we're planning a longer trip to Ibiraquera could you give me some tips about flights, acommodation etc.
    Every info is highly appreciated.
    Thanxx, jordan