Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ibiraquera-First few days...

We flew with TAM airlines, who allowed two 32kg bags to be flown per person. Amazingly, due to confusion at the airport as to whether we should be paying more or not as our bags were pretty big, a notice on our reservation meant we got 4 windsurf kit bags and a suitcase on for free! That’s never happened before! Due to having to collect our luggage at Sao Paulo and check in for the next plane within two hours, combined with the longest passport control queue ever, inevitably we missed our flight to Florianopolis. TAM put us in a hotel for 6 hours where we had food before flying to Florianopolis and meeting Moacir with his pick-up truck who had been waiting nearly 10 hours!
The journey to Ibiraquera was really slow due to huge amounts of rush hour traffic from Florianopolis. It was also pouring with rain and pitch black. We arrived 28 hours later to a tiny little village in the middle of nowhere it seemed! The language barrier meant we couldn’t really explain that we wanted to buy some food, I think the shops in the village were closed. So we decided on a rum and coke dinner!
The next day we woke up to the most beautiful place, lushious green hills, a blue shallow lagoon and perfect long sandy beach with waves, and WHALES!! On our first day we all spotted whales! The village is very small, we have yet to meet any English people so we are speaking a mixture of Spanish, English and a tiny bit of Portugese that we are learning daily! There are two shops (that we have found), not loads of food in them and all a little more pricey than we hoped. The first day was surfing, waist to head high waves and perfect blue sky.
Yesterday was 4.7 cross on port tack weather and got windier through the day. The waves were head high/over head for some, and this is the smallest swell-3 foot and 8 seconds. The next few days are saying 10 foot at 11 seconds!! Yesterday I caught so many waves and we were all stoked! It’s going to be amazing being here for 10 weeks!
Today we woke up to a massive thunderstorm and rain-it is wind switchover day! Starboard tack for the next few days with big swell!

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