Monday, 13 September 2010

First surf in ages!

On Saturday evening me and Stef went for a surf at Coney in Porthcawl. Not amazing conditions, the waves were pretty small when we arrived but ended up being waist to head high. But it was sunny, warm and we surfed until sunset. I was glad to be in the sea again since my foot injury. My foot was relatively ok, but still sore when I put a lot of weight on the ball of the foot, i.e. turning. But I think it is just sore and I should work through it now, I guess the muscles and ligaments are still repairing themselves. The physio I saw said it takes about 6 weeks for bones and 12 for tissue to heal, which I never knew-thats a long time! Lucky I did it with about 12 weeks to spare before Brazil! I don't think it will be right for a while but at least I can surf, and only the jumping in windsurfing worries me. I really hope I don't get the fear and it holds me back...

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