Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Week Tomorrow...First PWA Event!

A week tomorrow is the first PWA wave event of the year in Gran Canaria, with 17 female entries-that's a lot! See the entries HERE

Training has been going fairly well, I have been sailing everyday for the past two weeks or so, 3-4 hours a day in 2 sessions. The past two days had light wind and no waves, so I took them off, having a rest day and a crossfit style workout day with a run. Today the wind is back, and I was fully stacked on a 3.4, I don't think it was even meant to be that windy today?!

I have been practising my wave riding a lot, and trying to learn from Miss Consistent Justyna Sniady! I find it quite hard here to control the power, needing to do really tight turns and not end up clew first for very long. This is quite different to my training in Chile where it was still onshore, but as it was a lot less windy I could really pick where I wanted to hit and not worry about everything exploding with the power! I am getting a lot better, until I get stacked then everything seems to go wrong again! I hope the heat isn't mentally windy...So here are some pics of mainly top turns, some good some bad, its interesting to see the hand and sail positions. I know to move the back hand back right to the harness lines but any more tips people can give me about controlling the power please comment! A couple of these pictures are from Territorio Comanche-thank you!

Backside hits are getting better, and certainly easier if overpowered!

Jumping is also hard to practise if I am stacked and bumping all over the place! But fun if I am nicely powered. Here is a straight jump when I was stacked on a 3m sail, and a pushloop crash when I was stacked on a 3.4!

Finally, a picture from the other morning so you can see the layout of the beach (if you don't know Pozo!) It was a busy morning on the water!

The event tents and cabins have started to arrive, and a cool graffiti art picture is being painted on the entrance to Pozo. Its quite exciting but I am pretty nervous, as I know that sometimes I can sail pretty well, but if it is howling I am going to struggle....urrrrrrr!!! Until next time!

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