Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The wind is here! Pozo Izquierdo...

So I have been in Pozo for just over a week now and it has been perhaps a little unusual, with not much wind for the first week! I surfed a couple of times on the North Coast, and have sailed Vargas twice and Ojos de Garza. It has been pretty flat but I have been working on my forward technique, trying to get them really sideways so when I am overpowered I don't go endo! Here are a couple of go pro shots:

Gecko flaka:
Hooked in catapult-not sure where my other leg went?!

Now the wind has returned to Pozo, it is 3.4 to 3.7 weather absolutely full power and due to get windier, I forgot how full on this place is! It takes all you have to control your sailing.

Back in the UK we didn't have any wind, but did have a nice wakeboard session in Oxford when I visited a friend. It was a bridesmaid present from her wedding last year, thanks Rach! Beautiful weather and a lot of fun!

As promised, the girl's sailing in Maui video is also up! It had a premier at one of the American Windsurf Tour events, and has done really well promotion wise! This features a few of the top windsurfing girl's but there will be more episodes with the girl's that missed this one, so stay tuned!

Here are a couple of photos from Si Crowther of the premier and Carolina, Sarah and Sam who feature in it along with myself and some other girls!

Girls want To Get Wet - episode 1 from Girls want to get wet on Vimeo.

Speaking of Maui, there was one photo Si Crowther gave me from his water shots, I love the angle-it makes me want to be there on that wave again! Thanks Si!


  1. Great blogs Sarah keep them coming. Live the dream.