Thursday, 23 January 2014

Margaret River

My last session at Coros on 4.7, better waves but not really epic, and slightly underpowered for jumping. Nice sunset though!

I had my first session at Margies yesterday with Graham ad Maeli. I am glad they were there to tell me how to launch, what to avoid and where not to come in on the slab reef! (Maeli!) The wind was pretty offshore, 3.7 weather and really gusty so it was a hard work session and I haven't quite got used to the wave yet, heavy on the first section then you really have to fade back to stay with the critical section after that. I played it pretty safe to start with and it was harder by the end to get a good wave as I was underpowered and there always seemed to be someone on the wave already upwind! Anyway, a good first session. Here a few video stills from cameraman Stef! No wind perhaps for a few days now so we are exploring the wine tasting, coffee tasting and cheese tasting!

K4 set up, Ezzy asymmetrics, 14's and 8's going well!

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